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Artist and title Format Catalogue number
Superterrestrial "Ocean of Emtpiness" Limited Edition Cassette and Digital GFP20
Deassimilate "Virulent Entity" Digital GFP19
The Last Channel "Process Replayed" Digital GFP18
Constant Structures "The Depths of Another World" Limited Edition CD and Digital GFP17
Subservience "Upheaval" Digital GFP16
Grim Ravine "Grim Ravine" Digital GFP15
Deassimilate "Extrinsic" CD and Digital GFP14
Constant Structures "Traces to Nowhere" CD and Digital GFP13
Deassimilate "Totalitarian" Digital GFP12
Constant Structures "The Dark Engine" CD and Digital GFP11
Syrafex CD GFP10
Locust Resin Digital GFP9
Locust Resin Digital GFP8
Overlord "Katerina Was a Beautiful Angel" CD GFP7
Syrafex "The Point Between Depression And Insanity" CD GFP6
As My Soul Lies In Chaos CD GFP5
Ripped In Half CD GFP4
Ripped In Half CD GFP3
Ripped In Half CD GFP2
Locust Resin "Demo 2003" CD GFP1